• Grace

The Wise Words of RuPaul

“The only thing wrong with me is that I thought there was something wrong with me” - RuPaul

I think that being an insider of the alphabet mafia gives many people some kind of inferiority complex. We think of ourselves as others constantly judge us. At least, in our youth, when we are more vulnerable to these kinds of criticisms. We get this from a wide variety of facets in society.

Even if we are lucky enough to have supportive families, we still encounter something that tells us that who we love is wrong. School, religious groups, people on the internet, etc. This can cause us to become introspective in an unhealthy, and even obsessive manner. Picking apart who we are and everything that connects us to the community and what others associate with queer people. This type of thinking can snowball, affecting our sense of self and our inner dialog.

What I think this quote perfectly exemplifies is the discovery many of us will have, where we learn that who we are is not inherently wrong, as someone taught us it was. From here, we can build ourselves back up from the inside out. This is why having people like RuPaul to look up to in one’s youth is so important. Someone with the reach that he has being able to tell young people that there isn’t anything wrong with them, and that how they think of themselves really does matter.

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