• Dylan

The Native American Two Spirit

With the rise in recognition and acceptance of LGBTQ identities over recent years, a new identity has recently come to light, the Native American Two Spirit. But what makes the Two Spirit special is the fact that, despite only recently becoming known to the mainstream, the identity actually isn’t new at all. The Two Spirit identity can be traced back through Native American cultures for generations. The once prominent and revered Two Spirit identity lost visibility when colonizers invaded native lands and oppressed the Two Spirits because the identity didn’t fit their limited understanding of gender. Now as the world works to become more open and understanding, the Two Spirit can shine once again.

So what exactly does Two Spirit mean? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you think. Before we can understand the Two Spirit identity, it is important to understand that there are numerous distinct Native American tribes and cultures, all of which have there own terms and societal roles for gender-variant individuals. Two Spirit acts as more of a blanket term for Native Americans that don’t fit typical gender norms. Typically, Two Spirits individuals exhibit both male and female traits and take up different traditional roles from both genders. Two Spirits have fulfilled important roles as spiritual leaders for their tribes and act as healers, craftsmen, counselors, hunters, shamans, ceremonial leaders, and even war chiefs....

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