The Artists Corner: An Interview with Mia E. Z'Lay

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Artists Corner: An Interview with Mia E. Z'Lay

We were lucky enough to sit down with the hardest working Drag Artist in Connecticut, Theb Mother of the House of Lay, Mia E. Z'Lay Here is just some of the tea she spilled.

Tell us a little about you.

I’m a full time drag entertainer in CT. I was born here but I went to school in Mass and came back. I started drag in Massachusetts while I was in school. I didn’t do drag when I was in Connecticut I moved here after I started to doing drag to then pursue more drag opportunities. Cause the Drag scene is western mass. Was very minimal and there were a lot of opportunities out here and chances for me to pursue drag so that’s why I came back to CT

What do you identify as, what are your pronouns?

She/her in drag and then any pronouns are fine outside of drag.

What do you identify as?

I’m under the trans umbrella I identify as non-binary.

Where does your drag name come from?

Mia is a video game character and then EzLay is a biblical term. I’m being a sarcastic asshole, it’s a slut joke. When I started picking a Drag name, I pick all videogame characters that I liked and then I just thought Mia was the best pun and it’s worked in my favor. Some people get a little too butthurt over the pun. I’ve definitely gotten a lot of hate online from super-Christian people and people that are like ”Oh she’s trying to cause our children to be sluts!” I’m kinda like a very layed back, I don’t talk to a lot of people, person. I think it’s funny that I’m personally such a prude, but my character has just got a slutty name. So, I usually say yeah it’s a biblical term but it’s a dumb pun.

How has videogame culture, since you also have an online presence, influenced your drag?

I always thought cosplay was really fun. Cosplay and Drag are very similar but there’s a lot of differences. I mean there’s a lot of great inspiration in video games with like characters and such. There’s a lot of hyper feminizations of certain video game characters bodies and personas. There’s a lot of strong female character roles like Sam S from Metroid who literally saves planets and is a woman. It’s the same with comic book Wonder Woman and the superhero’s, video games just have more options for inspiration characters. I played videogames all the time as kid so like I’d see these characters, I’d would do RPG’s where you get a party of people, and you’d always have a girl as a healer. Sometimes I’d get characters that were woman who were super powerful, they became my strongest characters. That was a big inspiration for looks and perceptions of looks. They have crazy colorful hair and angel wings, stuff like that. I guess like what you see in video games and anime is a big inspiration for me on what I like about drag.

I play video games online for a living too. When Covid hit I lost the ability to do Drag shows in person which was my money maker, so I fully went from doing really well and working hard etc. to going right into depression and having no income. I was like what else can I do? Then I was like I’m good at video games, then I had discovered Twitch and then gone from there and now it’s nice that people get to appreciate my Drag Art and what I do as a Drag Artist, but also my disgustingly crazy amount of knowledge on videogames and alien culture.

In the rest of our Interview with Mia E. Z'Lay talks more about Online gaming culture & drag, her coming out experience, Being a Drag Mother and much more! Read up in the next edition of Fruitybinature Magazine coming in September!

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