As we are nearing the end of pride month, we here at Fruity would like to take a moment to look back on a huge part of our history: The Stonewall riots. On June 28, 1969, a riot took place that lasted days, which would later be considered something that transformed the gay rights movement. Through this event, our community came together in a way that it had not always been able to before, meaning that different identities were uniting under one cause. I think that this is something that we miss sometimes in each of our individual fights. Various aspects of the community do not see eye-to-eye, and I think this week is the perfect time to reflect on why that does not bring any value to our lives or to the community as a whole. We will have much more power under one cause than any of us ever would by ourselves. My goal for the last few days of pride month is to tap into my own empathy, in order to better understand and help those within the community with whom I do not share the same identities.

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