Productivity and Pandemics

Hey everyone!

Id first like to start out by thanking all of you for checking out my "Gay-Media" blog post :)

As we all know living in 2020 can be frustrating, with lockdowns and Covid restrictions most days, it's difficult to even get out of the house. As protests and elections rage on I viewed this as an opportunity. During this Pandemic I think everyone is going through some character development and I would like to share my story with all of you!

Let’s start by going back to mid-February I was.... jobless, mindless, and reckless to say the least, and as a result of my teenage behavior I Pulled out in front of a 98' Toyota Corolla coming out of the gas station one morning and my car was totaled.

This left me without a car throughout the first six months of the pandemic and angry as all hell. As you could imagine I felt stranded in my house and this time in my life took a toll on my mental health. I was working a cashier job that didn’t allow me to grow or use any creativity whatsoever (in my opinion a gay person’s worst nightmare) and had me work hours and hours a week just to end up under appreciated and probably called some offensive term by a white 40-year-old woman. After working tirelessly at the grocery store for about six grueling months I finally got enough money to get myself a new and slightly dented Subaru Forester. After I got my own car again and back up on my feet, I decided to join on with a team of my two closest friends at an Information security company (Secure My Medical Records) where my wonderful team of people taught me about marketing and business but most importantly, myself.

Now many of you may be thinking at this point "okay and?" well this new position that I took on taught me more than I’d ever expect. In the past few months, I have put in countless hours working with and researching the history behind the LGBT community (calling organizations, educating friends, managing social media) to boost the important message of informational security and why as queer people we need to make sure now more than ever that our Medical Records, our legal documents, even our personal conversations safe from our harsh administration who continues to neglect the rights of so many hard-working gay Americans.

From all this work within the community and as a young businessperson, I’ve learned not only how to manage and run my own business operations but, I’ve also learned how to think. By this I mean why stay trapped in your everyday 9-5 minimum wage retail job when there is so much work to be done and so many changes to be made in order to achieve the equality, we all demand.

But my story is far from over. I am so excited to be working on FBN and starting this journey with all of you and hope you can all join me in supporting each other while we advocate for the equality, we all deserve.

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