Met Gala 2021: Our Favorite Looks This Year

The Met Gala has come and gone. Hosted by Anna Wintour, this year's theme was American Influences. The theme paid homage to the USA opening back up after COVID-19. The exclusive event is filled with celebrities dressed in the biggest designers. This year there were so many beautiful looks, however it was the queer representation that stood out the most.

Let’s break down some Met Gala looks:


Yara Shahidi in Dior

Yara Shahidi:

Dressed in Dior, Shahidi look was an homage to the late Josephine Baker. Baker was an bisexual performer that was famous for her cabaret shows in Paris. Not only did Baker live openly as a queer woman, but she also fought for France during the second world war against the Nazi’s. Yara paid respect to the American expat and her contribution to fashion and culture in this beautiful number.


Nikkie Tutorials in Edwin Oudshoorn

Nikkie De Jager:

This year's met gala saw an influx of influencers. This was Nikkie Tutorials(De Jager) first Met Gala. The Youtuber has amassed a following of 13.8 million subscribers. In 2020, under duress conditions, the YouTuber came out as a trans-woman. In her look the Youtuber paid homage to Marsha P. Johnson. Marsha P. Johnson was a trans activist who advocated for the progression of LGBTQ+ rights in the USA. Marsha P. Johnson was a prominent figure in the 1969 Stonewall Uprising. Throughout her life, she uplifted the entire LGBTQ+ community. Nikkie paid tribute to Marsha by leaving her roses the morning of the Met Gala by laying roses on the pier where Marsha was murdered. On Instagram she wrote “I knew I wanted to pay homage to a trans icon who was at the forefront of the Stonewall Riots… Marsha P. Johnson paved the way for so many of us, and I hope I made my community proud tonight.”


Kim Petras in Collina Strada

Kim Petras:

The iconic Kim Petras showed up as our favorite horse girl! The pop singer showed up with a large horse head on her bust and her hair in a long braid channeling horse girl energy. The designer Hillary Taymour, the design mastermind behind Collina Strada stated that she is a horse-girl turned fashion girl. What is more American than horses? The look was camp and fun! It’s fabulous when stars take the theme and make it ridiculous and over the top! Kim Petras is constantly proving she is a superstar and her looks only match her fabulousness!


Quannah Chasinghorse in Peter Dundas

Quannah Chasinghorse:

Quannah Chasinghorse showed up at her first ever Met Gala and stole the show. The 19-year-old Indigenous model—who is Hän Gwich’in and Oglala Lakota—is taking the fashion world by storm and providing much-needed representation for Indigenous people in the process. Her dress was Dundas and her jewelry was turquoise from her aunt, Jocelyn Billy-Upshaw—a former Miss Navajo Nation. Aside from bringing this beautiful look to life, “I’m constantly breaking those barriers and stereotypes that are meant to harm my people and make us feel less than human. It was refreshing to feel empowered in a space where I wouldn’t have been welcomed if it was a decade ago,” says Chasinghorse. “I really wanted to be able to get some visibility and show the world that we are still here.”


Hunter Schafer in Prada

Hunter Schafer:

Hunter Schafer dazzled in this sci-fi Prada number. The look was complete with matching spider jewelry that matched her white contacts. The look itself separated itself from the other looks at this year's gala. The Euphoria star gave us Alien vibes and blew us away with her creative mind. Her unique artistic style has always set her apart from the cookie cutter mold of Hollywood.

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