Artist Corner: An Interview with MZ October May Lay

We were lucky enough to sit down with the funny & fierce, award winning Drag Artist Mz. October May Lay aka Marcel Jennings here is just some of the tea he spilled;

What do you identify as?

I identify as male, I use he/him pronouns, but I prefer Beyonce Pronouns

Tell us about you:

Marcel is a very confident loud, very confident loud, louuud person. As me I’m more fun. And its weird because I’m more fun as boy me, but when I’m October, October is not only loud but she’s an advocate. She yells and makes noise for a reason. For instance, there’s not a lot of POC Drag performers so my mission as October is to get as many black & brown performers on stage bas possible. Because our drag community here in CT is predominantly white. So basically, I raise my voice and use whatever power I have, whatever that is I’m a magician- I try to make things happen for not only me but everybody who looks like me, sounds like me, dress like me, acts like me. Cause we don’t have that platform for us. It’s a political thing for me, and a job. Black Drag Queens matter, that’s all I’m saying

Where does your Drag name come from?

Mz October came from my mom, so I refused to name myself Debra, not happening! She was born in October, October 29th. I wanted to pay homage to a strong black woman She is the strongest black woman I know. For me October is that month with a lot of personality. So you have Halloween and all this fun stuff that comes up. I am a fan of horror so Halloween is a thing for me. When I first met Mia she didn’t understand she’s like “but you like being pretty why do you like Halloween so much”. Because I like being pretty that’s why I like Halloween so much because I get a chance to be ugly, I can have an eyeball on my cheek and it doesn’t matter.

I have to talk about the “MZ” because everybody forgets to put it up there Everybody knows Destiney’s child, everybody’s favorite is Beyonce, mine is not. My favorite is Kelly (Rowland). Her favorite and second Album is called MZ Kelly. The photo on the album cover was so freekin sassy and I was just like if I ever was a female that’s me right there. It was so sassy! MZ it is, MZ October. And then Maylay came because I was adopted by Mia and like I said I’m loud and I like to fight. “May Lay” it’s a pun.

Do you face a lot of adversity as one of the few POC Drag performers in the state?

My nickname on these drag streets is the mad black woman. Literally that’s my name. No because when it’s something that I know is wrong… a lot of POC’s in the drag community want to conform so they can get booked which is actually a thing. Wanting to conform and get booked I’m not. So if something is wrong I’m going to say it. So I yell and I kick and scream but I get results.

What do you want to let the readers know?

That I am always booked and try to find me on Instagram, thank you.

What’s your favorite Fruit?

First myself and my second favorite fruit would be strawberries.

In the rest of our Interview Mz October May Lay talks about Hollywood, Makeup, coming out experiences, advice for new Drag performers and more! Read up in the next edition of Fruity Bi Nature Magazine coming in September!

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